docker : useful commands

Clean all unused data Remove all images Remove all <none> images Remove all containers


Distribute ssh keys across linux servers

Distribute the ssh keys Some situations requires that a server can ssh without login to the a set of remote hosts. This is achieved by deploying the proper ssh keys. To a single host To several machines To distribute the... Continue Reading →

Ansible : check for required variables before role execution

How to check for required variables in ansible before executing a task

Run docker as user on CentOS 7

See how to allow a standard user to run docker command

Tomcat load balancing

How to add load balancing capabilities to a cluster of Tomcat web applications using mod_proxy_http, mod_proxy_ajp or modjk and how to monitor the status of the load balancer.

Three ways to reverse proxy apache tomcat

Three ways to reverse proxy a tomcat server instance using apache and mod_proxy_http, mod_proxy_ajp or modjk.

Linux iptables example

Introduction The following show a typical example of Linux iptables firewall configuration. Iptable script Startup script

Sharing a common xsd library accross multiple xjc compilations

How to share common xsd accross independent XML schemas and how to handle common xsd libraries across different xjc compilations

Maven profile management

This post describes common setup to handle environment specific customization of java projects through maven profile

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